The tagline for the Amazon Dash is “Never run out of your favorite things.” Basically, an Amazon Dash© is a small key fob with the name of a branded product and a button. Whenever you’re running low on the product named on the Dash Button, just click the button to place a reorder from Amazon. You can read more at

When the Amazon Dash was first announced in April of this year, many people thought it was an April Fool’s prank. When people realized the Amazon Dash WAS a serious product, there wasn’t a lot of optimism. But the tide is slowly turning.

It would make perfect sense to see the makers of office supplies and medical supplies jump on this technology. Pricing becomes secondary to convenience when the corporation or your health insurer is footing the bill. And while there ARE Dash buttons for various cleaning supplies and Depend© garments, the primary target of the Amazon Dash are young 20-somethings.

If you love technology and you’ve got a thing for Ice Breaker© candies, you might think it’s fun to have a button to automatically order more of your favorite treats. And later when you get a pet, you might find it convenient to reorder Fido’s favorite chow with a Dash Button. A few years later when you’re married and there are crying babies in the house, you’ll NEED that button for diapers and laundry detergent. At that point, they’ve got you hooked.

If Amazon succeeds in developing a market for this product, they will reintroduce the concept of brand loyalty. You’ve got a LOT of product makers who would love to see that happen, so the Amazon Dash Button is slowly gaining momentum. This is definitely something to watch over the next couple of years.

Note: We should also note that the Amazon Echo©, which was part of the ‘Cool Tools’ demonstration at our PAR3 Fall User Conference, can also be used to request re-orders of items in your purchase history with a simple verbal command.


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