What’s New with OnGuard Managed Services

Par3.IT’s OnGuard Managed Services is our core service to proactively monitor and manage your servers, PCs, firewalls, and other equipment. Through our OnGuard Managed Services dashboard, we are able to track performance, errors, alerts, and capacity information from each device. Also from the dashboard, we can take control of devices in order to remediate issues and provide help desk support. Since our last newsletter, we are happy to announce the following enhancements to the services:

  • Automated software deployment: We can now schedule and automate the installation of most software packages. The benefit of using OnGuard Managed Services for this purpose over say Group Policy is that the results are reported back to the dashboard so you can easily see the results of the installation. Also, OnGuard Managed services can deploy to all PCs and servers whereas Group Policy only installs to systems that are a member of the domain. Best of all, no charge for this enhancement!
  • Mobile App: A new dashboard app is available in the Apple and Android stores for our Bronze clients who are licensed to use our dashboard. Now you can monitor your network when you are at home or on the road! And there is no charge for the app!
  • Mobile Web Filtering: While at work, your laptop is protected from nasty web sites by the on-premise firewall. But what happens when you take your laptop on the road? If you use your laptop at coffee shops, hotels, or even at home you are like unprotected from compromised web sites or objectionable material. We now offer Mobile Web Filtering to make sure you are protected wherever you use your laptop. This service is an add-on to our OnGuard Managed Services for Desktops and costs just $1.50 per month per user.

 Please contact your Par3.IT account manager if you would like further information about any of these enhancements.




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