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Since the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, business have sought ways to integrate these staff-popular technologies into a secure, productive environment. Mobile business processes, mobile application development, mobile device management, and mobile security have taken over as the leading initiatives in Corporate America. These critical functions will enable enterprises to properly secure and manage their mobile users, devices, applications and data, and to redesign their business processes to take advantage of the new mobile technologies.

Par3.IT understands the demands of the end user, looking for quick and simple productivity tools, as well as the demands of the I.T. department, already over-whelmed with security and migration issues. But Par3.IT itself is a very mobile, virtual company and we have a deep understanding of the mobile environment from both a user and a provider perspective. Mobile computing is not just a product, but a process that must be tailored to individual business requirements in order to balance risks with opportunities.

Par3.IT has integrated mobile platforms such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices into board rooms, the sales force, and I.T. operations. We have extended the reach of our clients by providing convenient and secure access to company resources.

Par3.IT also provides complete mobile device management (MDM) through OnGuard Managed Services for Mobile Devices. This service is packed with powerful features including:

  • Provision device to company specifications
  • Remotely set/reset device password
  • Remotely lock/unlock device
  • Remotely wipe data from the device
  • Geo-locate a missing device
  • Log calls, text messages and data usage to make sure you are getting the most out of your service plan.

Please contact us and we will show you what our mobile solutions can do for you!


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