Disaster Recovery

Of companies that had a major loss of business data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term.


A traditional I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan is simply a chapter in your overall Business Continuity Plan. But Par3.IT realizes that everyone’s definition of disaster is a bit different. Certainly a tornado or fire at HQ is a disaster. But what about the PC that crashes, the only one with bookkeeping software on it? What if your internet connection is down for an extended period? What if you lost that spreadsheet that you spent an entire Saturday afternoon working on?

Par3.IT develops an I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan for disasters large and small. We first identify all single-points of failure in your network and deficiencies in data backup. And then we develop a plan that provides a workaround and recovery for every important asset in your environment: hardware, software, data, and communications.

Par3.IT also provides many and products and services to disaster-proof your operations, such as:

Voice Over IP

Par3.IT offers a hosted VoIP solution which provides a complete disaster/recovery solution since there is no phone equipment (other than your handsets) on your premises. Your phone system goes where you go…anywhere there is an internet connection. This system can be used as your primary phone system, or in a scaled-down version for emergencies.


In a disaster, one of the most time consuming and costly portions of recovery is replacing damaged servers and infrastructure equipment such as routers, firewalls, and switches. To truly disaster-proof your operations, Par3.IT offers co-location facilities so you can house your servers in a Tier 2+ data center, with multiple redundant power connections, diesel UPS, redundant internet connections, and state-of-the-art cooling and fire prevention.

WAN Failover

When you consider how often you use the World Wide Web and email in your business, you realize how critical your internet connection is. Even more so if you use VoIP phones or cloud services. An interruption in your internet service can cost you in sales and lost productivity.

Let Par3.IT setup a WAN failover solution to ensure the internet is available 24×7. Failover and failback is transparent, so your users will never even know there is a problem!

System Backups

There is nothing more basic to a good disaster/recovery plan then system backups. However, not all system backups are the same. Par3.IT has written the book on ensuring that there is no loss of data during a disaster, large or small. The Par3.IT system backup plan includes the following features:

  • Backups are stored offsite for disaster/recovery and a copy is stored onsite for quick recovery
  • Backups are “imaged-based” for the fastest server recovery time
  • Backups includes version history, to make sure you can recover lost files even if it has been months…or years…since the file was accidentally deleted.
  • Backups include all files, even open files and database files such as Exchange, Sharepoint, and SQL.


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