Adobe Shockwave Flash Warning!


Adobe has released a security bulletin for Flash Player addressing 13 new vulnerabilities. As with previous Flash Player security bulletins, the overwhelming majority of the flaws fixed are ones that could result in remote code execution. Honestly, we could probably put this same warning in every newsletter since Flash has had so many flaws over the years. From a security perspective, Adobe Flash might be the worst piece of software ever written. It is so bad that Apple iOS devices and Android devices will not allow Flash to be installed. Our recommendation is to remove Flash Player as it very seldom has a business use. However, users who require it can set the Flash Player to be “click-to-play” rather than self-executing. This might limit your exposure a bit to any active exploits. Please call Par3.IT if you need assistance, or refer to this link for details on how to remove Flash from all common browsers:



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