Flexible storage:
File shared in the cloud can be accessed via Ipad and Android tablets and even smartphones with ease.  Why limit access to your files to only PCs on your network when they can be securely shared with any of your devices and 3rd parties that you may need to collaborate with?  You can even securely cloud-enable your existing file server for maximum flexibility and best of all you only pay for the storage you use!

Secure backup:
We’re all used to working with documents locally on our desktop or My Documents.  What happens to those files when your hard drive crashes?  What do you do when you haven’t backed up what you are currently working on to the server? With cloud storage your documents and desktop can automatically be synced to your trusted cloud provider and easily restored anywhere.

Secure sharing:
When you e-mail files to other people that you need to collaborate with that e-mail gets transferred to many different devices and servers before reaching its destination.  We can’t know what path our e-mails take, let alone trust it.  If you store your documents in a trusted cloud you will be able to send the files in a secure manner so you can know they can only be accessed by people you authorize.

If you and a vendor need to collaborate on a design document it usually involves e-mailing it back and forth, which is not only insecure, but wastes a lot of e-mail space and internet bandwidth in transferring the file back and forth. If you take advantage of cloud storage, your business can have a single location that the file can be securely updated by anyone that you choose.

Save money:
The best thing about the cloud is you typically don’t pay anything up front so there is no capital expenditure.  This is especially important to small businesses who don’t typically have budgets for big purchases. The cloud will grow with you so you can start out by just paying for what you need and increasing as you grow.

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